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“CargoMaster KNOW-HOW, comes with 35 years experience”

Air Freight Domestic

CargoMaster handles all kinds of interstate air freight. Cargomaster is one of Australia’s most trusted air freight companies Australia – wide, boasting 35 years air cargo industry experience. CargoMaster is renowned for delivering innovative air cargo solutions to customers all over Australia. When you need to move urgent, time sensitive air freight, call CargoMaster. Domestic air freight services include same day air freight or  heavy air freight or air cargo that is fragile, time sensitive, valuable, big, or awkward or you are in need of out of normal hours air freight services and you want to get it there FAST, see CargoMaster.

“CargoMaster KNOW-HOW, to get your air cargo there quickly and cost effectively!”

CargoMaster moves a wide variety of air freight from and to all corners of Australia. Types of air freight handled by CargoMaster include; mining machinery, ships spares, construction machinery and equipment, medical equipment, tiles, shop fittings, exhibition equipment for conferences, equipment for emergencies and recoveries, steel, heavy machinery parts and industrial equipment, the list is endless!

For interstate air freight services or for air cargo charter operations 24/7. CargoMaster has access to a wide range of aircraft available for air immediate air cargo charter, aircraft are positioned in coastal and central South Australia and the East and West coasts of Australia. CargoMaster has many years’ experience delivering to regional and remote Australian locations including mine sites.

To help move your air cargo smoothly and quickly please make sure your consignment is clearly addressed and each piece is numbered (if more than one piece, ensure each piece is clearly addressed) Check to to see your air cargo is packaged and or wrapped well (and clean) before you present your air cargo for transportation.

Should you need assistance with packaging or advise regarding any other aspect of air cargo transportation simply call CargoMaster, we are here to help (consultations are free of charge).

Remember, CargoMaster KNOW-HOW to get it there quickly and cost effectively!


Air Freight Australia

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“If shipping in Australia, what is the cost per kilo”

“Air freight cost per kg, or per kilo (kilogram) will depend on the destination of your air cargo and the size and weight, you should contact CargoMaster first, CargoMaster will check to ensure your consignment is not classified as HAZ  and calculate a competitive air cargo cost per kilo. Contact CargoMaster for domestic air freight rates Australia-Wide”

“What commodities do you carry around Australia?”

“All types of commodities, big and small, machinery, medical equipment, ships spares, mining equipment, pallets, crates, construction machinery, industrial equipment, shop fittings, lighting, signage, tiles, the list is endless. Call CargoMaster for an air freight quote to or from almost anywhere in Australia”

“what types of services do you offer?”

CargoMaster offers a very broad range of specialist transportation services including self-pack international relocation shipping containers.

“CargoMaster, do you offer an Australia wide DOOR TO DOOR air cargo service?”

“Yes, of course, 24/7 DOOR TO DOOR, OR AIRPORT TO AIRPORT  TO ALMOST ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA! Call CargoMaster for Australia’s best air cargo rates”


Air Freight


CALL: 1300 767 136″

“are you able to provide any tips to help me get my domestic air freight moving quickly and smoothly?”

Yes, importantly make sure your air freight consignment is clearly addressed (with only one address!) if it is fragile, mark your consignment FRAGILE and if you are sending more than one piece ensure each piece is numbered, prepare your air freight for air transport with good packaging and wrapping, make sure your consignment is clean and free of oil, dust, petrol  and other contaminants

“Who are the Directors of CargoMaster”

“CargoMaster’s Managing Director is Grant Carroll, a New Zealander (who is based in Australia). Remember, CargoMaster is a registered and protected  Australian Trademark, so no one else can copy CargoMaster. CargoMaster has been moving international shipping containers and air freight around Australia and the world for many years

“are all air freight Australia operators the same”

“No, please be very careful about who you choose when sending your goods by air, remember its easy to set up a website and call yourself an air cargo specialist! There are some very professional air cargo operators in Australia, with many years experience. When you choose  CargoMaster you are working with Australia’s best air line-haul operators (as selected by CargoMaster) and the most experienced people !  

“what should I look out for when choosing an urgent or Same Day/Overnight Air Freight Company?” 

” To begin with, look very closely at their website details (and as above, remember, it’s easy to set up a website and call yourself an air freight specialist!), do they have an “about us page”, if so,  go to their about us page, ( if not, ask yourself why!) do they give you any specific details about their company or experience, or is it all just spin. DON’T RISK LOSING YOUR MONEY, ( and your freight too!) find out when they were established (incorporated), you can easily check this on the ASIC website, click here to go to ASIC searchits a free Australian Government service!). Do they give specific details about their experience, if not, it’s wise to be suspicious, ask about the Directors, who are they and what experience do they have in the air transportation industry ( after all, its only fair, they want you to hand over your hard earned $$$$$$, ask yourself, who am I handing my money over too!). Do they make what looks like a lot of exaggerated claims on their website, about their company services and or experience, yet don’t seem to offer much detail , if so, well done! your on to them! do not risk it, don’t call them. Remember, choosing the right air freight operator is vital, choose the right air freight operator and your consignment will be uplifted quickly and safely and you will have a smooth air freight shipping experience”