“Renowned Shipping Specialists from Australia to Africa” 

The CargoMaster team offers you many years (more than 20 years) experience shipping to Africa, by Sea Freight and Air Freight. CargoMaster is one of Australias most trusted sea freight companies offering the fastest transit times to Africa with vessels sailing weekly to most major African Cities and or Ports, from all Australian capital cities (including Canberra (Sydney Gateway)  and Darwin) CargoMaster ships all types of goods to Africa, CargoMaster shipping equipment includes 20ft and 40ft containers (and 40′ high cube containers) , open top containers and flat racks to Africa.When you call on CargoMaster to help you with your shipping your backed  by a company boasting real life experience moving cargo from Australia to Africa!

Call CargoMaster today for all your international freight Africa shipping, with CargoMaster your guaranteed to secure the best shipping deals from Australia to Africa plus enjoy the benefits of an extensive African shipping network..


“How much does it cost for a shipping container to Africa?”

The cost of shipping containers to Africa will depend upon which one of the 54 coutries that you would like to ship to and where from in Australia. Call CargoMaster, with CargoMaster your guaranteed to get the best shipping container rates to Africa plus a weekly service and fast !” Call CargoMaster 1300 767 136 to get a quote anytime! 

“Do you ship cars to Africa”

“Yes we do, every week, shipping cars to Africa, including blocking and bracing motor vehicles inside containers, simply deliver your car to our yards in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. Please Note, every African country has different rules and regulations relating to the importation of second hand cars, you should check with the applicable customs authority in the country you intend shipping to” 

“What about sending furniture and second hand goods to family in Africa”

“Mostly if personal effects no problems, some African coutries have a BIVAC requirement depending on the type of cargo and value” Call CargoMaster for more information about BIVAC.”